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Delegate to the CREW Stake Pool

You can delegate to the crew pool by clicking here!

About the CREW Stake Pool

We hold a strong belief in the goals, endeavors, and methodologies of Cardano. Delegating to our pool strengthens the decentralized nature of Cardano, and the blockchain itself. We believe that there is a bright future around the corner, due to the promising potential that Cardano offers to the world!

Stake your ADA and earn passive income, while also supporting the decentralized nature of Cardano. It’s strength. Stake with CREW !!!


With strong uptime, fast processing, and regular updates to our servers the CREW stake pool is positioned to become a strong contributor to the Cardano blockchain.


Security is built into the blockchain from the ground up. Taking a peer reviewed approach that is required in order to be certain of the blockchain’s safety and security. The staking design that Cardano uses is no exception to this. Your ADA never leaves your wallet in order to stake. It is never withdrawn from your wallet in order to stake. It remains in your wallet, and is 100% available for whatever you’d like to do with it. Whenever you want to. Our servers are protected and shielded. They’re updated on a regular basis. And best practices are always followed.

You can delegate to the crew pool by clicking here!